GSA promotes club through baked goods

Katie Mastro

Clubs at Saddleback College frequently try to raise money through many different methods. On Nov. 27 and 28, the Gay Straight Alliance club held a bake sale in the Village Quad in hopes of reaping monetary success.

The club sold sugar cookies, brownies, and coffee at a reasonable price amounting to just $1.

“From past experience, these [two cookie types] were our top sellers,” said GSA member Allison Burnap, 21, environmental studies. “The coffee we are serving is wonderful. The ‘Winterblend’ is delicious, and tastes like any holiday you celebrate.”

The money the club wishes to raise will be funneled to many future club activities.

“We want to raise awareness,” said Interclub Council Representative for GSA Gabriel Alves, 20, psychology. “We’re making money for protests and demonstrations. We also want to make T-shirts eventually.”

GSA is trying to spread their name around campus in any means possible.

“We put flyers around the campus around every month and banners on bridges,” Burnap said. “We promote meetings because that is where we talk with people and explain ourselves; where we can sit down and explain important topics.”

GSA has many events planned for the approaching spring semester including the Day of Silence, annual bake sales, and film festivals.

The club meets every Thursday at 3:30 p.m. in SM 301. For more information on the club, go to

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