Grammy nominees in concert

Natalie Hanks

Last Thursday Saddleback College rolled out the red carpet for Grammy nominated jazz group, the One O’Clock Lab Band.

The famous jazz ensemble from the University of North Texas performed in the McKinney Theater as part of the Saddleback
Department of Music’s 2010 concert season.
The band played a variety of toe-tapping pieces featuring mostly student composed work. 

With a combination  of guitars, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, drums and piano, the dramatic and soulful sounds of jazz filled the auditorium.
“It’s incredible to see such a high caliber of musicianship let alone at the college level,” said Antonio Dangond, 20 music.

“I hope to be anywhere close to that at some point in my life.”
Hannah Giclas,18 biology, a first-time jazz concert attendee was also impressed.

“This is my first jazz concert but I can see they are very talented,” said Giclas.
The One O’Clock Lab Band was nominated for two Grammy awards this year including
‘Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album’ and ‘Best Instrumental Composition.’ Alumni of the
acclaimed University of North Texas jazz studies program include famous musicians such
as Norah Jones and current Lab Band director, Steve Wiest.
“I am so incredibly proud,” said Wiest of his band’s hard work.

Despite their Grammy  loss, the One O’Clock Lab Band is not planning on slowing down any time soon.

The band has previously traveled abroad all over Europe and Asia and is continuing to
travel around California and play at various jazz festivals and schools.
“It’s a great experience,” said Brian Clancy, 21, jazz studies major at UNT and saxophonist for the band.

He was able to travel with the band last summer to Thailand to perform for the King.

“This band is my life and I’m constantly listening to music and trying to do active listening and ear training,” said Clancy.

“I practice a couple of hours a day and as a band we practice four days a week.”
The hard work of each member of the One O’Clock Lab Band is apparent in the quality of music, engaging performances
and feeling of comradery brought to the stage.

To follow the band and to see if a Grammy is in their future, the new  One O’Clock Lab Band App is now available for the iPhone.

To catch more Saddleback jazz concerts, check the Lariat website or call the ticket office at (949)-582-4656 for more information.


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