Glee hits Britney one more time

Britney Spears made a cameo appearance in season #2 of the popular TV show Glee (Mr. Carls/ by-nc-sa license)

Dylan Lujano

The second season of Glee just started back up, and its bringing out the big guns. The phenomenon has brought musical theater back into the spotlight of everyday television.

The show continues to cover popular songs from all different eras, and styles of music. When a song is covered on Glee, it usually shoots to the No. 1 spot on iTunes.

This makes the show a great marketing tool for fallen artists, and rising stars alike. It has revived many lost songs, including “Physical,” by Oliva Newton John, and “Dream On,” by Aerosmith.

Many well-known actors have been featured on the show such as Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel and William Patrick Harris. I was pleasantly surprised with vocal talents that I didn’t think they had.

Tuesday night’s show featured Britney Spears, in a cameo appearnace, back in action with a tribute episode. Making it the highest rated Glee episode to date. It featured the character “Brittany,” playing the real Britney, in some of the pop star’s most iconic performances.

Britney wanted to be included in an episode of Glee after Madonna and Lady Gaga were both on the show. Britney has been twittering up a storm, giving her fans a little hint on Monday leading up to the show,

“Can’t wait for GLEE tomorrow night. I’m going to tweet along as it airs on the West Coast so we can watch together. –Brit,” Spears posted on her Twitter page.

Glee is an uplifting program that showcases great acting, and even better vocals. It’s definitely becoming a huge show in our society. Shedding light to the musical theater world, but more importantly it brings awareness to the kids that are often tormented by bullies in schools everyday.

Yet they have become the most popular high schoolers on TV. Glee covers topics that are controversial, which I think is great for our younger generation to watch, allowing them to become open and accepting to all types of people. There’s one thing that brings them altogether on every episode, and that’s music–what is better then that.

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