Give blood, play hockey


Nathaniel Vamvas

Saddleback hockey club won the “Give Blood Play Hockey” Charity Tournament finals with a score of 8-0.

The tournament ended early due to an eight goal differential in the Gauchos favor.

The 949 Roller Hockey Center hosted the fourth annual “Give Blood Play Hockey” Charity Tournament. Each player made a $25 donation to the charity in lieu of registration to play.

The proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospital of Orange County in building an Oncology Patient Care Room in the new west wing of the hospital.

The Saddleback hockey club is currently entering its third season.

Roller hockey is not an official sport through the athletics department, but theclub represented Saddleback College proudly.

“It would be nice if it was a sport.”Tiger Channer said.

However, the club will remain playing and continue being a club according to Coach Jim Irwin.

Each student is required to have six units completed in order to play for the club. Unlike Division 1 colleges, Saddleback students are responsible for paying their own way through the season. They must pay for their own gear and equipment as well as coaching.

The Saddleback hockey club, which was founded by Goalie Taz Villoria, recently reemerged after a number of years.

In 2009, the club took the title of Junior College Division National Champions to complete their first season at the national championship in Philadelphia.

Now that tryouts have ended, the 22 remaining players will begin practice in hopes of achieving another victorious season.

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