Get your Career Technical Education certificate

Kiralynn Edmondson

Did you know you could be eligible for Career Technical Education certificate in a year to two years?

Career Technical Education (CTE) certificates are designed to put students at the top of the list when applying to careers that are in high demand for specially trained applicants.

The CTE program at Saddleback College offers many classes that help train students in specialized careers. Whether a student is seeking training for construction, fashion, medical technology, agriculture, finance, marketing or child development, there are many different professions to choose from that are an asset in today’s society.

According to Mary Anstadt the coordinator and project director for CTE grants and transitions, there are two phases within the community college.

The first phase is for students to gain a background for workforce requirements.

The second is for students to earn credit for coursework in order to transfer to a four-year school.

Anstadt suggests that although she thinks very highly of four year schools, it is possible that many students do not see the importance and significance of being trained for a specialized career within a community college.

“Four year schools are not for every student, in fact, students who have already established their masters degree are heading back to community colleges in order to earn a CTE certificate for a different profession,” says Anstadt.

The CTE program at Saddleback has over 100 different career paths. Pick a path and enroll through a series of classes to retain a certificate within that profession.

A CTE counselor can assist in choosing the career most suitable for a student’s needs. A counselor can also help make an educational plan for students so the individual will have a clear view of which classes to take and when.

After completing the series of classes and retaining a CTE certificate, Saddleback recommends many students to internships within the career that they had been training for.

For more information on the CTE programs and classes visit the CTE web page at or visit the counseling office (SSC 167) and schedule to meet with a CTE counselor to begin you Career Technical Education path to success!

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