Get with the program, go to your class

Andy Martin, 25, mathematics

In response to Tyler Cole’s article in the Oct. 3 edition of the Lariat, I would like to say, please Tyler, continue to ditch. I would like to encourage any student who made any sense of the article entitled “Ditching for your health”, to please ditch, and what’s more, please just drop out while you’re at it; you will not be missed.

Students who are serious about school constantly have to pay the price for students who would rather spend their time at the movies or have lunch with their friends.

It has always amazed me how many students arrive for class on the first day of instruction only to never be seen again. This does, however, bring a comforting thought to my mind: I realize that while a fair percentage of “students” (to use the word loosely) are “sitting down at the beach smoking herb and staring at the waves for two hours,” as Tyler so plainly put it, others are sitting in a mathematics class finding surface areas of oddly shaped three dimensional figures, or in a philosophy class having a discussion on human rights.

We live in Orange County, one of the meccas of opportunity on the global level. To treat the educational system as if it were a bother is simply absurd. One of the major reasons people in developing countries are in the poor conditions they are in is the lack of education.

I love going to the beach, it’s a blast. Having lunch with friends is always pleasant; however there is always a time and a place to do all these things. Missing school to do them shows a lack of strong character and misplaced priorities.

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