Gary Navarro knows importance of team effort

Jessica Seftel

Football has always been an important part of Gary Navarro’s life. The love of the game started during his freshman year of high school. Navarro graduated from Capistrano Valley High School with an all-league honorable mentions honor. Offensive line Navarro has seen action on the football field since the beginning of the 2006 season. He then sat out last season before returning to the game again this year.

For Navarro, “Football is like a job. Sometimes people go down, and that’s part of the war. This game can make you a hard man if you buy what it sells, if you commit to the pain it takes to play it.”

Playing offensive line, this position requires size, strength, quickness, and guts. Navarro and his teammates are the front players. They are responsible for maintaining possession of the ball, and carrying on down the field.

He says, “The offensive line are my boys. I see them everyday, and know that if we don’t succeed, the team as a whole will not succeed.”

For the Gauchos, the good relationship among teammates proves to be essential. It has established strong communication, objectives and goals, as well as acceptance and respect of roles. Navarro agrees, and sees his team as “solid with no weak links.”

As of right now, the Saddleback Gauchos are 4-1 in the Southern Conference. Wrapping up the regular season, this coming weekend Navarro and the team will be playing away at Grossmont.

With a win in Grossmont, they could move onto the National Championships. When asked how the near future is looking for the team, Navarro says, “We’re going all the way to State.”

The Gauchos’ will play their last football game of the season Saturday Nov. 15 at 1 p.m. in grossmont.

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