Flu vaccines taken more seriously

The health center has administered a steady stream of flu vaccines since the beginning of flu season. (Joseph Espiritu/Lariat Staff)

Kayla Sallee

As of April of 2009, there has been an increasing amount of students contacting the flu virus.  The influenza is a contagious disease that can affect anyone, especially children. 

The college is a targeted age group, since many have not contacted the flu. 

The health center, which has offered flu, shots since early September has seen an increasing amount of students getting vaccinated.

The vaccine, which is delivered by an injection containing a weakened strain of the virus, can take up to two weeks before the patient can be completely immunized to the pathogen.  Immunization can last up to a year. 

The vaccine costs $16 for students and $20 for faculty and staff. 

Some people at risk of complications from the flu are women who will be pregnant during influenza season, or anyone with long-term severe health problems like heart disease or diabetes. 

You can get the vaccine as soon as it is available, usually most common in the fall.  You should inform your doctor before getting the vaccine if you have any severe allergies. 

“We usually have about 30 people asking about the vaccine daily,” said Monica Nelson RN Public Nurse.  “There was an increasing interest in the flu shot ever since CDC recommended it to our campus.”

The health center will be offering the H1N1 swine flu vaccine by October this year.

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