Flexibility with political agendas can lead to a better government

Caleb Strano

 When the citizens of the United States elect a person to represent them in the Congress, they expect them to look out for the people who elected them.

            In today’s world if you are eighteen and are a citizen of the United States you have the right to vote. We vote for the President, Congress, and many other things. We also elect people to represent us in congress.

            The job of congress is to be the voice of the people who elected them. They are supposed to debate issues and try and get legislation passed. They are supposed to work together for the good of the people of America. This is where the problem arises.

            When a person is elected to congress they are usually either a Democrat or a Republican. Both of these political parties have an agenda which they want to follow. Although it is acceptable to believe in a certain way to do things, it is not ok to be stubborn and not work together.

            In today’s economic climate it is important for Congress to try and work together to get things done. Unfortunately, Congress is divided into two groups. Neither of these groups want to change their opinion. Neither of these groups are flexible at all and will not change.

            The issue with healthcare is huge right now and it is going nowhere. It is going nowhere because the conflicting parties in Congress won’t allow it to go anywhere. Many of the Americans that elected these Congressmen want there to be some type of healthcare reform whether small or large, and because of this they need to work together and be open-minded and try to figure out a way in which both sides can be happy.

            The people in Congress are being selfish not working together. They know that because they are high up in the government most of the things they vote on will not affect them. But they fail to realize that it is not about them. It is about the people who elected them.

            Nothing is going to change for the better if the two parties cannot come to an agreement on big issues in this country. If they continue to fight and look out only for themselves then the people of America are going to have to suffer for it. We need to remember that we don’t work for the government; the government works for us.


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