Finding the scholarship meant for you

Ana Castellanos

If you are the typical college student struggling to find the money and funds to help pay off units and expensive books then you’re at luck because there are hundreds of unique and weird scholarships waiting to be found.

“What stops students from searching and applying is the requirements,” said Michael Long Counselor/Professor of Applied Psychology. “Many of these scholarships ask for essays, and resumes to be written and many students think it’s a lot of time put in, so they give them up.”

Scholarships can be found anywhere from bookstores to Saddleback’s and Irvine Valley’s community college website. Students should make sure that the scholarships look real and honest; the advice is to never to give money to cooperations asking for money. Never take pop-ups or spam mail, Long said.

Tall Clubs International Student Scholarship reward female students who are at least 5’10” and male students who are at least 6’2″.

“I’ve always heard about financial aid, but never because of how a person looks,” said Christina Cortez, 21, business. “It’s cool and funny they have scholarships like this. Not everyone can manage to get the academic ones all the time.”

Some of the unusual scholarships that might interest you include: The Starfleet Academy for $500 scholarships are for members of the “Starfleet Academy,” an organization modeled after the fictitious Star Trek academy.

There is a scholarship for left-handed students; all you have to be is left handed to win some cash.

Also the Duct Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship, for those students who are just entering college, all they have to do before they graduate high school is make their prom attire out of duct tape, and the scholarship is theirs.

“It’s pretty cool finding these out,” said Jonathan Blakeley 20, undecided. “I can skateboard and, my younger sister is left-handed.”

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