Finding inspiration in the sounds of Jadon Lavik

Sarah Komisky

It’s not every day that a popular recording artist plays at a bookstore, but in Jadon Lavik’s case. that’s typical. 

He prefers his own car rather than a tour bus, to pack himself up rather than have a roadie and loves nothing more than a good worship at home.

 While customers browsed through the books and CDs, Lavik provided an acoustic soundtrack for their shopping experience at Lighthouse Christian Bookstore, Feb 16. Singing songs from his albums, “Moving on Faith,” and “Life on the Inside,” Lavik also premiered songs from his Feb 26 release, “Roots Run Deep.”

 Lavik is an artist that is great on a record but even better in person. Each song delivers breathtaking vocals and beautiful guitar picking that leaves you encouraged and blessed.

 After the acoustic session, Lavik took time to chat and take photos.

He is not one to make a fan feel unwelcomed; instead he does the opposite. Decked out in converse, jeans and a T-shirt, Lavik was quick to greet me with a smile and an outstretched hand as he simply introduced himself as “Jadon.”

 When asked about the new record, he compared his first three, labeling the previous records to be more pop based and his newest to be more gospel.

 “The inspiration for this album came from things that got me into music, like when I listened to folk artists,” Lavik said. “Roots is also about your Christian faith and, as a musician, having a simple production. So it kind of has a double meaning.”

 “Roots Run Deep,” which was produced by Lavik at his home studio in San Clemente, offers up a beautiful compilation of his favorite hymns that lead the listener into worship.

 “These songs were already written, so I wasn’t composing lyrics. I was kind of arranging most of the time,” Lavik said.

 Lavik’s last song played at the acoustic session, entitled “Blessed Assurance,” was also his favorite song on the record due to its production filled with chello and piano.

 Lavik has an undeniable gift of relating to people. Instead of what he calls speaking in “Christianese,” he prefers meeting people where they are in their christianity rather than even having them meet half way, and start from there.

 “I hope people are pointed towards deepening their relationship with the Lord,” Lavik said. “I want to cause people to think in a Christian worldview and see what it looks like in everyday life and to address issues common to people.”

 Only spending about fifteen minutes with this artist, it was easy to spot his down-to-earth demeanor and humble spirit, but his best quality stems from his deep devotion and uncompromised relationship with Jesus Christ that reflects throughout his music.

 “I enjoy staying on the Christian music label. When you switch over it gets difficult to manage it,” Lavik said. “I’m unashamed to play publicly and sing about Christ in places where there are nonbelievers.”

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