Film club wins hot dog eating contest

Kelsey Avers and Dominic Gutierrez

The 2nd Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest last Thursday was a meat-lovers delight.

The competition, sponsored by the Saddleback Associated Student Government in the school cafeteria, pitted teams of starving competitors devouring Hebrew National Hot Dogs as quickly as possible.

“I was told to come [to the contest] two hours ago,” said Film Club member Chris Pogue, 21, film. “The others decided not to eat all day.”

With three members to a team and 25 hot dogs on every table, the winner was to be determined by the most hot dogs and buns fully consumed.

The teams competing included the Anime Club, three separate branches of the football team, The Clean Platos (Philosophy Club), the Theatre Wiener Eaters, the Phi Beta Kappa team, the ASG E-Cab Eaters, the Film Club, the Gaucho Dog Dunkers (Girls Basketball team no. 1), and the Hot Dog Dribblers (Girls Basketball team no. 2).

When time started, the team members pounced onto their hot dogs. Whether from a sitting position or standing up, the race rapidly rolled until the halftime mark.

At this moment, faces around the room were red , and hearts were beating uncontrollably.

The E-Cab Eaters seemed to be in the lead, while the Hot Dog Dribblers looked as if their stomach would soon appear on their plate.

The football team no. 2 (called the Gaucho Gulpers) kept moving up hill strong against the Film Club.

“The game plan was always to win,” said Mike Furrh, 23, film. “We either come back with our shields, or on them.”

After being defeated by the football team last year by one and a half hot dogs, not only did the Film Club win the competition, but also finished 21 of 25 franks.

“I feel fine,” said Andrew Baird, 21, film, after celebrating his club’s victory. “I could go another seven minutes.”

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