Film club competitors have pie and eat it too

Candice Perez

Bystanders cheered for 27 contestants in Saddleback’s Championship Junk Food Relay Monday afternoon in the cafeteria.

Nine teams consisting of three people each raced to finish three types of junk food. The first person had to scarf down an apple pie. Once the pie was down, the second teammate devoured a large bowl of vanilla ice cream, and then the third person drank a pitcher full of soda through a straw.

Team Astroglide, which consisted entirely of film students, finished in first place by a wide margin. They were awarded a trophy, a signed Anaheim Ducks banner, and a $15 gift certificate to Starbucks for each member.

Micah MacInnis, 21, film, secured first place for the Astrogliders when he finished his pitcher of soda.

“I’m feeling sick,” MacInnis said right after celebrating the win.

This was Team Astroglide’s third eating contest victory, as they won the pizza contest last semester, and the hot dog eating contest in 2007.

Team Outlaw, which was also made up of film students, won second place.

“I was in the pizza eating contest last semester, and this is my second [ranking of] second place in a row,” Dan Hopkins, 22, film, said. “We like to think it’s a testament to our toughness as film guys just to be able to do this. We like to prove that film people are the toughest people around.”

Hopkins and his teammates were each awarded $10 to Starbucks.

Representing the Appreciation of Pilipino-American Culture club, the APAC Ninjas won third place.

Each team member received $10 to Starbucks.

In the audience, Diane Cruz, 17, biological sciences, and Derek Euperio, 22, English writing, rooted for their APAC friends.

“They were very confident and structured, I’m very proud of them,” Euperio said. “They didn’t give up. They gave it their all despite the fact that it was a lot of sugar, and I commend them for that.”

The sugary nature of the foods presented a challenge, since vomiting would result in disqualification.

Each team had one judge watching them. Cameron Hirbodi, 20, illustration, served as the Three Hungryteers’ judge.

“At one point I saw them about to throw up on the table, but they held it in,” Hirbodi said.

Josh Levine, 19, communications, was part of the Three Hungryteers, who did not place in the contest, but were the fourth team to finish.

“I did an ice cream eating contest once on a cruise ship,” Levine said. “I won there, but nothing compares to this. There is a lot of competition here, and everyone is really good.”

There was left over pie for lingering hungry students to purchase after the race.


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