False alarms!

Steven Jung


Three fire alarms were pulled on three different occasions within the past two weeks at Saddleback College, but there was never any fire.

Saddleback Campus Police were unable to comment whether all three were just accidents or intentional.

If it is intenional, then the person pulling the fire alarms needs to stop.

I think I speak for all students when I say ‘please do not pull the fire alarm.’ When the students pull the fire alarms, they interrupt classes.

 If some prankster pulls a fire alarm while I’m taking a test I lose time on that test, and I do not get extended time.

The fire alarm was pulled at the Technology and Applied Science (TAS), Business and General Studies (BGS), and the Science and Mathematics (SM) buildings.

The first known incident occurred the same week the school was having an earthquake drill known as the Shakeout.

I can see how this is frustrating because this  can cause confusion during an actual fire alarm; if students think it is a flase alarm, they might ignore the real thing.

The TAS building was the first building to have its fire alarm go off. Two more fire alarms occurred the following week on Oct. 23 and 25.

When these buildings are evacuated whether there is a fire or not, this disrupts the classrooms even if they are planned out by the school.

I can understand why the school needs drills; that way when the real incidents occur they are prepared, and I do think that helps avoid injuries and deaths.

I think it is too coincidental to have three separate fire alarms go off that often. There are rules in place to prevent students from just pulling the fire alarm.

Dr. Juan Avalos, Vice President of Student Services told me about the Code of Conduct for Saddleback students, which has a link that can be found on the Saddleback’s homepage in the lower left corner titled, “South Orange County CC District.” Then the window will take you to another web page where you can click on “Board Policies” on the left side.

Avalos said, “It is the school’s responsibility to enforce these laws.” These rules can prevent future fire alarms from being pulled.

 Avalos also explained that the school does have disciplinary actions if the student has done this intentionally numerous times and continues to do so.

“If it’s an accident, it’s an accident,” Dr. Avalos said.

I agree with him that if the fire alarm gets pulled by accident, then there should be no punishment. Accidents happen that is why they are called accidents.

The campus police were unable to comment whether all three were just accidents or intentional.

Students who do pull the alarm intentionally should consider that there are disciplinary actions that can be taken.

If the fire alarms keep being pulled, Dr. Avalos explained that the school can ban the student if that student is a repeated offender.

I am glad that no real fires occurred so no one was endangered, but I do think a lot of students would agree with me when I say if there is a student intentionally pulling the alarms for fun then stop interrupting my class by setting the fire alarms off.

The student code of conduct can be found in the 5000 section on the website: (http://www.socccd.edu/about/about_boardpolicynew3.html#s5000). This will provide any student with rules and regulations that we as students must abide by whether it has to do with pulling a fire alarm or just everyday behavior.

For information on rules of Saddleback College go to: http://www.socccd.edu/about/about_boardpolicynew3.html#s5000 

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