Faculty jazz plays for audience at Saddleback College

Smooth Jazz (Dylan Lujano)

Dylan Lujano

The Jazz faculty held a recital for an audience of South Orange County “jazz lovers” last Monday.

The ensemble features Jerry Pinter on saxophone, Ron Stout on trumpet, Gerard Hagen on piano, Jamie Rosenn on guitar, Luther Hughes on bass, Paul Johnson on drums and Director of Jazz Studies Joey Sellers on trombone.

Starting off with the piece titled “#24,” it had a lounge-like feel with light piano and an enthusiastic sound.

The ensemble took original material and put a twist on it.

In the song “Along Came Betty,” the instruments had a sultry tone, including plucking of the standing bass. “Along Came Betty” is a jazz quintet piece based on the Monterey Peninsula in California.

The piece “Anteaters,” written by Joey Sellers started out with the trombone playing funny squeaks which was actually written into the piece, and received laughs from the audience.

Sellers, director of jazz studies, teaches improvisation, jazz ensembles, composition, and jazz history.

In bluesy piece titled “Soul Survivor” by Jerry Pinter, the ensemble started off slow with a soothing and calm sound, spotlighting a trombone solo.

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