Faculty concert hour engages music lovers

Matt Hare plays the double bass in faculty concert hour. (Dylan Lujano)

Dylan Lujano

As part of the Concert Hour series, Dr. Matt Hare on double base, Catherine Tibbets on piano, and Branden Muresan on violin began the hour performing a Mozart-composed piece for a weekly faculty recital Thursday at Saddleback College.

The group played for an audience full of students, staff, and music lovers of all ages. Hare began with a piece by Edward Elgar titled “Salut d’amour, Op. 12.”

“We watch professional musicians, get taught about the music business, and watch and learn new things, it gives us ideas on the steps to go through,” said Taylor Campbell, 22, music. “I liked the mix of duets, I loved the closing piece, it caught me off guard, it was engaging to the audience.”

Campbell’s main concentration is vocals, but he dabbles in the guitar as well.

The last piece Hare played on the double bass was titled “B.B Wolf (An Apologia).” Before he started he asked the audience to imagine all of the wolves in every fairy tale ever told, and to combine them together. As he started the piece, he made sound effects from clicks with his tongue and taps on his bass. The audience reacted in laughs, as Hare included the perspective of the wolf into the piece, he said things like, “misunderstood,” “hunted down like a criminal,” and “I don’t hate little pigs.”

“It’s a really fun piece, so many people have part-time jobs at Saddleback, and they don’t get to see the bass outside of an orchestra or a recital role,” Hare said about the piece.

Hare explained that recently there has been a movement to tune the bass in fifths. This was was his first performance played in fifths.

“I always feel that things could go better,” Hare said. “I’m very lucky to play with Kathy and Branden.”

Hare went on to say he enjoys playing the bass because he can convey everything in a short amount of time without words.

He mentioned that Saddleback College has a great music program among community colleges.

Hare also holds summer music seminars and teaches private lessons, for more information visit matthare.com.

Hare performed “B.B Wolf (An Apologia)” with its accompanying narrative. (Dylan Lujano)

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