Exciting employment for starving students

Taylor Martinez (Courtney Johnson)

Courtney Johnson

      For many Saddleback College students, a job is a way of getting by, but some students have already found what they truly love to do.

     Working in the field of study in which you aspire to one day have a major career leads to great potential for a future job, as well as providing important practice.

     Graphic designer Chris Tinsley, 20, graphic design, has recently launched a modest career as a designer for the growing street wear company Franco Shade.

     Franco Shade is located locally in Santa Ana, where all its designing and distributing takes place.  Tinsley works in the art department, where many artists from New York, Seattle, Chicago, and even France also contribute to the company.

     Not only does Tinsley design graphics for upcoming lines, but he also does pre-press work, fliers, and invites, and works on the website, FrancoShade.com.

     Franco Shade is a “street wear clothing company which sponsors athletes like fixed-gear riders, snow boarders, [and] skate boarders, along with artists and major events,” Tinsley said.

      Not only is Franco Shade clothing found at many events, but its clothing and accessories are also found at boutiques in the area, as well as on their Web site.

     Tinsely feels privileged to work as a graphic designer at such a young age, especially after aspiring to be one for quite some time.  “Being a supporter of the brand since 2002, I feel honored to be a part of the designing crew,” Tinsley said.

     Working for cutting-edge companies or having a trendy job is what many students strive for.

      Taylor Martinez, 20, photography, is a freelance photographer who believes he has the job of his dreams.

     Finding a job in photography is not always easy, but Martinez has likewise managed to turn his passion into a career.

     “I love photography; it’s something that’s always consistent. Once you make an exposure, it’s permanent. There’s nothing that can change it, besides Photoshop, but it’s a memory frozen in time,” Martinez said. 

     His job is erratic, but it is exactly what he wants to do. He hopes to make it an even greater career someday. 

     “I take pictures wherever. I’ll pull my car over and just snap away, or a client will tell me where to go or where to be. The best part of it is when you’re done shooting, whatever it is that you’re shooting, and you get to go back and look at the pictures. You find that one that you cannot help but love and stare at, and show people. I’ll take pictures for whoever wants to pay me, or I’ll do it as a favor for family or close friends. Other times, I’ll just go out and see what I can experience and capture it. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to add to the portfolio,” Martinez said. 

     Artistic careers seem to be quite popular among the student body, but there are many other students that have interesting jobs in other fields.  Many students aspire to have a job they love, and some of our students are lucky to already have achieved this goal. 



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