Events Cabinet plans a carnival for Halloween

Steven Jung

The events cabinet met this last Thursday to discuss more about club rush on Halloween.

They are going with a carnival-like style with games and prizes. There will no longer be a maze but instead Ghost bowling. Ghost bowling is where students will use a pumpkin as a bowling ball and bowl the pumpkin into a ghost.

There will also be something similar to a pie-eating contest where students will eat through whip cream and find a piece of gum. Once contestants have the gum, they will need to chew it and blow a bubble.

Another activity will feature people who use sharpies to draw and decorate the pumpkins and glue eyes onto them as well. They intend to have a balloon dart game to add to the fun almost like the one at homecoming.

The cabinet will also have a costume test. They are working with the Inter-club Council. The council will supply pumpkins, pies, candy, plates, napkins, etc. The cabinet will have its members operate the events since the council is providing the materials.

The Events Cabinet also explained to a representative from IVC that they have given them $300. This is for IVC activities that are coming up such as the Veteran’s Day event.

IVC is having a barbeque with an obstacle course. It is a way to show moral support for our current serving troops and vets that have served their country in the past. IVC is having this barbeque on Nov. 8.

The cabinet also discussed their upcoming Turkey Drive to help feed families for Thanksgiving. The cabinet intend to feed 30 families with turkey and non-perishable foods.

Some of the foods they want to collect are apple sauce, rice, canned vegetables, and instant mashed potatoes. They start collecting cans on Nov. 1 and ends on Nov. 15, which will only give them two weeks to collect the food.

The cabinet will go to local stores like Vons and Stater Brothers to ask if they can solicit from people going in and out of the store to try and ask if they are willing to help.

The cabinet will be working fast when they start their drive and the turkeys alone will cost $600. Since they cannot afford to feed the families on this budget this, they will probably solicit help from the shoppers.

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