Escaping to the outdoors is more than a breath of fresh air

Joseph Espiritu

The walk from the parking lot to the shops and malls that litter the suburban jungle we call Orange County is more than enough to satisfy the cravings for the outdoors for many people. But living in a county so diverse in its offerings of outdoor recreation, there are those of us who actually go out and experience the gifts Mother Nature has to offer.

With a beautiful coastline and the Santa Anas right at your doorstep, it’s common for Orange County residents to escape their cubicles during lunch or after work, and head straight to the beaches or trailheads.

And while they go out to escape the urban entrapment and to get a little dirty, most of these recreationists still find a way to bring the city with them.

I have nothing against enjoying music and bringing a cell phone when out in the wild, but the trail-users playing music so loud in their iPods that they can’t hear anyone coming up behind them, much less the rattlesnake about to snap at their ankles, really bother me. Moreover, the phone-users who decide to stand in the middle of flowing single-track to discuss business and their lunch agenda with everyone else can really ruin your experience. At least have the courtesy to move over, or find a spot wide enough before you start yapping about your day’s adventures.

But honestly, I think that everyone should make an effort to enjoy the sights and sounds that make the outdoors such an awesome; and if you’re at the beach enjoying some Duran Duran, then crank up the boom-box. I’d love to have a listen.

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