Emeritus Symphony Orchestra’s winter sound

Anibal Santos

Saddleback College’s Emeritus Symphony Orchestra and the Laguna Woods Village Symphony played together inside the Geneva Presbyterian Church on Monday night, Nov. 5.

The concert also showcased the talents of younger musicians like pianist Shelby Wong, organist Jennifer Shin and violinist Adam Millstein.

“It was just so powerful, so magnificent and I loved it and generally I believed that our orchestra played performed admirably,” said Emeritus Institute cello player John Wilkerson about Wong’s piano skills.

The orchestra’s played to music composed by composers from the 19th Century: Milkhail Glinka, Dmitri Shostakovich, Josef Rheinnberger and Henryk Weiniawski. 

Conductor Valerie Anne Geller stressed the importance musical programs like the Emeritus Symphony Orchestra are very important to its senior members.

“They are practicing, they are putting their own ensembles and it inspires them. This gives great meaning to their lives,” Geller said.

“It’s not just the analytics that keep the world spinning, but the creative juices that flow that keep life worth living and this is what this is about,” Geller said. “This is what they look forward to everyday. Every experience is something new and wonderful.”

The Emeritus Institute Symphony Orchestra next concert will be the annual Handel’s Messiah  on Nov. 26 in the Geneva Presbyterian Church at 7 p.m.

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