Earthquake Shakes Up Campuses

Natalie Hanks

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Baja California, Mexico at 3:40 pm local time on Easter Sunday.
The epicenter of the quake was Guadalupe Victoria which is 220 miles southeast of Los Angeles. There were two reported deaths in the Baja vicinity and 230 mostly minor injuries reported. There was an aftershock Monday at 4:12 am which caused no additional damage.  
 The shockwaves were felt in Orange County for 35 seconds but resulted in no damage to both Saddleback and Irvine Valley College campuses.
Although electrical outages and gas leaks were reported in the Baja area and San Diego County, Orange County did not receive any many major damages.
John Edwards, Director of Facilities for IVC, gave the campus a green light.
“There was no damage done or gas leaks,” said Edwards.
Similarly, Saddleback College received a passing grade. Secretary for John Ozurovich, Saddleback’s Director of Facilities, said that after inspections there were no reported damages here as well.
            According to Saddleback College’s Emergency Procedures chart, students on campus during an earthquake should remain where they are and remain calm. Students are advised to hold on to a desk or table and stay away from windows or loose objects that could fall. In the event of an earthquake tune into Saddleback Radio at 88.5 FM to stay informed on campus damage, traffic and closings.


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