Driving, a full-attention sport

Nick Silver

I have a dream of one day living in a world where people know how to drive. A world where I never have to ask myself questions like – Does that lady know she has the right of way, or does he know the speed limit isn’t 95 mph?

Though the construction at Avery proved to decrease the congestion that built up when Saddleback students made the mad dash home, however, it has also made it clear how reckless and inconsiderate people can be while driving.
How hard is it look over your shoulder before you change lanes? I know it takes a lot of work to turn your blinker on, but it makes changing lanes easier and less dangerous. 
At the same time, why do people refuse to let each other over when they need to change lanes? We aren’t on the road racing other cars, so give somebody a break and let them in.
I am sick and tired of trying to squeeze into parking spots where people have left their cars over the lines. I am done waiting for moms to “execute” a 27-point turn when trying to back out of a spot. 
Thanks to California’s laws, driving and cell phones no longer go hand in hand, however, people continue to hinder their already sub-par-driving skills by ignoring the new cell phone laws.
If you have to drive half the speed limit in order to talk on your phone, it’s time to hang up and focus on the road. I know whatever you are talking about is really, really important, but I am sick of you being oblivious to the rest of the world.
The light is green. That means GO! But don’t worry, everyone can wait for you to finish sending your text message, nobody else has anywhere to be…
Navigation units, while a great means for not getting lost, are not safe to program while you are driving. Plug the address in before you start driving, or if you have a change in destination, pull over and type in the new address instead of diverting your eyes and swerving down the road.
I know you really need to choose a new song on your iPod right this second, but can you wait until after you have safely merged onto the freeway instead of forcing other cars off the road? 
If you are going pull into traffic, make sure you are able to accelerate to the speed limit promptly. I am sick of slamming on my breaks when you pull in front of me going 10 mph on Crown Valley. 
Same goes for the freeway. The speed limit is 65, so be at 65 when you are merging with traffic.
Can you stop riding my ass in the slow lane, road rage guy? We already know you’re an ass hole, so lay off the gas and fall back before you crash your lifted, Ford F-250 into the back of my car.
If you need to put makeup on in the car, ask somebody else to drive. If you are so desperate to hide your flaws behind layers and layers of makeup that you have to do it in the car, then you must be really ugly.
Can you just smoke that bowl after you drive, or at least before you drive? Trying to pass that pipe around the car is making you drive like an idiot…or is that just the Strawberry Kush?
All joking aside, my safety is at risk if you are driving like a maniac, and yours is too.
Remember people, driving is so easy that 16-year-old girls are allowed to do it. So please, turn your brain on and drive with caution. I don’t want to write your obituary.

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