Don’t want to go to class? Stay home

Justin Harris, 23, history

In response to Tyler Cole’s article in the Oct. 3 edition of the Lariat; Tyler Cole should quit school. Leave. It’s obvious you don’t want to be here, so do us all a favor and take your negativity elsewhere. Believe it or not, the rules that you are condemning are the rules and regulations that you paid into.

There was nothing stopping you from reading Saddleback’s rules on absenteeism before you started school here, so stop complaining about your mistake of investing thousands of dollars at an institution that does not reflect your ideology. You came to Saddleback College; Saddleback did not come to you. Maybe you should be glad someone has laid out these “childish” rules; at least someone is looking out for your future, as you are clearly not.

As for your rant about “who died and made you boss?” toward an anonymous school official, you should be ashamed of yourself as a journalist. Did you ever stop and think that whomever this person you are referring to has busted his/her butt their entire life to get where they are today? Did you stop and ask yourself about the countless hours this person has undoubtedly dedicated to making Saddleback a respectable establishment for you to learn at? How dare you belittle their accomplishments? I’m surprised that this column was even printed, as it only gets worse.

Suggesting that skipping class and doing mushrooms on a beach is nothing but ludicrous as well as irresponsible. If you really must do these things, why don’t you schedule your time better? No one is telling you to schedule five classes a day, so take two in the morning and spend the rest of your time doing as you wish.

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