Don’t speed on the information superhighway

Joseph Espiritu

The technological innovations we are blessed with today have paved a way for productivity in almost all aspects of life. However, with the ease of obtaining technically anything for far less work than what it took us just a decade ago, is it fair to say that it has also blazed a trail towards a more non-personal, gadget-dependent generation?

From a personal perspective, I have become more efficient at accomplishing tasks with the help of technology, but at the same time I no longer have to do a lot of leg-work (literally) to access the things I need. This, I think, has made me lazy. Back then, when I needed to do research, I had to actually go use a library and turn some pages. Now I can do all these things and more from the comfort of my own home via the Internet.

Speaking of the information superhighway, we are now in an age where everything we do revolves around it, and to actually not have it can be detrimental to one’s social, work, and school life, etc. Needless to say, instead of personally meeting with friends, co-workers, and classmates, we can now just call, instant-message, text, and/or twitter with them to catch up on old things.

As a society, it is safe to say that we are more dependent on technology than we give ourselves credit for, and although our reliance on mechanization has led us to be much more efficient than we have ever been in the past, it has also made being just human a much harder task to accomplish.

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