Diverse cast propels movie into spotlight

Kelley Marble

Witty, cocky and endearing, the movie Juno almost forces you to love it. With a unique cast including Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, “Superbad’s” Michael Cera, newcomer Ellen Page and a short but hysterical performance by ‘The Office’s’ Rainn Wilson, it’s hard not to like this film.

The plot is simple. Juno is a 16-year-old high school student who reluctantly accepts the fact that she is pregnant and that the father-to-be is best friend Paulie Bleeker, otherwise known as ‘Bleeker.’

Unlike what you’d expect from your typical overreacting teen, Juno doesn’t overreact.

In fact she more or less mocks the situation while addressing it. Page’s role as Juno keeps you laughing at her relentless sarcasm and lovable insults.

Cera plays a character not much different then his role in “Superbad.” His awkwardness and lovable personality make him perfect for the role.

Even if you’ve seen his bit before, it’s impossible not to get caught up and laugh.

But the biggest surprise of the movie has to be Jennifer Garner, who plays the role of Vanessa, the hopeful adoptive mother of Juno’s baby.

With a resume that includes roles in “Alias” and “Daredevil,” Garner seems an unlikely fit, but she nails her character as the overly organized social climber. While she is scarcely lovable, it becomes impossible to hate her as she bounces from her obsession with having a baby and keeping the image of a perfect family to the realization that life can be harsh and one must adjust to its inevitable setbacks.

Jason Bateman plays the character of Vanessa’s regretful husband. As a freelance jingle writer for commercials, it is obvious that his character Mark has a lot in common with Juno. They share similar interest when it comes to music and movies, despite a few awkward moments the two share together.

Overall, the movie is enjoyable and makes for an excellent, though somewhat dark, comedy.

And as bonus, the soundtrack is without a doubt a great collection of songs that fit perfectly with the film, like Kimya Dawson’s “The Moldy Peaches” and a nice duet by Cera and Page .

All are newcomers to the movie soundtrack scene but are very worthy artists.

All in all, this is a movie that is worth your time and attention.

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