Dear Stressed Student

Handling school stress advice. (Anibal Santos-Maldonado)

Angie L. Pineda


“I’m stressed about finishing school before I get old. I’m studying physical therapy and the courses that I have to take are very difficult. I want to transfer out of Saddleback by next year, I would love to go to Long Beach State and I need A’s and B’s. Getting a ‘C’ would be too low for my GPA, I work 2 days a week, and I go to school 2 days a week but my problem is that I get lazy and don’t feel like studying. I just want to relax with my friends and rest at home to watch, ‘SmackDown‘ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ on ‘Hulu‘.”



Understandably “Hulu” is one of the biggest distractions on the Internet, especially during the semester when you would rather watch your favorite shows than study for your Chemistry exam. What you must remember is that your classes have deadlines, and your professor expects effort and delivery. Maybe you should be typing in “Blackboard” to check up with announcements, and fight the urge to discover the next talented American until later. Here’s why, your friends are always going to be there, your favorite TV shows aren’t going anywhere, and “SmackDown” isn’t going to help you transfer to Long Beach State. What may help you is setting your homepage to “Blackboard” and creating a schedule for yourself. Maybe you can watch a show or two, then take a break and study until you grasp the chapter of the week. So what will be your prize? It will be another episode of “SmackDown” and one step closer to Long Beach State University.

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