Date on a Budget

Kristine Martinez
Roses are red, Violets are blue
We have a little something laid out for you.
A dinner and date, at a cheap rate
Here are the top dates that you can create.
1.       Picnic with a sunset: Pack your favorite snacks and beverages. Head to the beach for a romantic night under the light.
2.      Create your own scavenger hunt: Send your significant other on a hunt for some treasure. This focuses on spending time together. Share a secret or give a card when the booty is found.
3.       Game night: A blast from the past. Recreate your childhood by playing old board games together.  It’s fun getting into “trouble!”
4.       Rent a movie: Find a romantic movie to cuddle to on Netflix or head to the nearest RedBox Kiosk.
5.       Visit museums: Take a trip to LA and spend the day at the Ghetty.
6.       Learn something new:  Spend the day learning something new or fun, that neither of you have tried before.
7.       Customize bouquet:  Go out and pick your favorite flowers to give to your significant other. Every flower you put in the bouquet comes with a reason why you love them.
8.       Recreate your first date: Take your loved one back to where it all began.
Now that you have some ideas for a date. Go have some fun with your mate.

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