Culture celebrated at APAC’s first charity fashion show

A large crowd showed up Thursday for APAC’s, Appreciation for Pilipino American Culture, first charity fashion show.

The show, called Baracay Nights, was more than just a fashion show as it combined dance numbers, both traditional and contemporary, and musical performances in between models strutting down the runway.

“It’s going to be really fun and exciting,” said APAC member Abby Soloman, 18, nursing, before the event started. “We just want to bring out our culture tonight.”

In addition to celebrating Filipino culture, the fashion show was intended to raise money for the charity Bantay Bata 163. The charity helps abused and impoverished children providing them with the necessities needed in order to rehabilitate them.

“I think it’s cool that they’re doing this for the kids in the Philippines,” said Stephanie Beals, 19, nursing.

The event started off with about an hour to mingle and grab food and an opportunity to check out clothing from designers featured in the fashion show. A video presentation kicked off the fashion show and introduced the event’s emcees, Justin Santiago and Marissa McGuire.

The emcees touched on the club’s growth this semester from five members to approximately fifty or sixty members. “We’ve become one big happy family,” McGuire said.

Some of the musical performances consisted of the Philippine national anthem and a song about Filipino immigrants who move to the United States in order to earn a living and send support to relatives in the Philippines.

Sarah Munsey, 20, communications stated why she and her friend attended the event.

“The dancing, we love watching dancing,” Munsey said. “We came to see Kreative Movement. It’s Kappa Modern’s younger group.”

The clothing featured in the fashion show included local designers, some of which cater to the dance groups. APAC debuted its own line of clothes at the show as well.

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