CSU transfer application deadline soon to come

Julie Tran

As the California State University application period reaches its halfway mark, students all over the state must have all of their information ready in order to qualify for transferring. In order to guarantee admission to a California State University, students should have all of their official transcripts from any colleges attended within the year. In addition, students should have at least 60 transferable units, preparations for their major, as well as a competitive grade point average.

“It depends on what GPA each CSU requires, but a 2.0 GPA is the minimum for most of the campuses,” said Miki Mikolajczak, Transfer Center coordinator.

Mikolajczak also stated that for students to qualify for transferring to a CSU, they must also complete the “Golden Four” class requirements, which includes a writing class, a critical thinking class, a speech class, as well as a math class. All of these courses must be completed before the spring semester prior to transferring.

Among the colleges that have a large amount of students vying to get in, three of them include Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Diego State University and Cal State Long Beach. The three campuses are known to be one of the most popular for students to transfer to and with the budget cuts, they prove to be a challenge to get into.

“Although these three campuses are popular for our Orange County students, I advise them to apply to Cal State Fullerton as a fallback school,” Mikolajczak said. “They have a local service area for students living within the county and they tend to accept people who live close to the college.”

She said that despite the fact that this fall semester is a difficult time for students to transfer, the center is successful when it comes to getting students prepared.

The final day for submitting CSU applications is at Nov. 30, but Mikolajczak recommends students send in their applications by Nov. 15 in order to avoid feeling stressed.

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