Creative writing aids self expression

MaryAnne Shults

It is human nature to seek personal perfection, although most figure out at some point that they must face reality and compromise for just being okay. Creative writing offers a chance to find that realm where one can only dream of achieving.

One can create themselves as fictional characters who are beautiful, smart, wealthy, self-confident and popular. Or they can create other characters based on those they admire, or those they feel only contempt. One can create any type of venue in a broad spectrum, from a noisy, busy city to rolling hills and autumn colors of a rural setting.

I enjoy writing because it gives me a sense of freedom. I can be whoever I want to be. I can express myself in ways that only the written word can articulate. Although I find creative writing to be especially esthetic, I also enjoy writing motivational and educational material.

The latter gives me the sense that I can use my experience to help someone else. My friends and family have always told me that I am the nurturing type, and do get a boost of self-confidence when I know that I’ve made someone’s day just a little better. While in high school, I had an English teacher who said that I had a way with words and written expression; all I needed to do was shut my mouth long enough to pick up a pen. Her advice, although a bit harsh at the time, was so right on.

A decade later, a young mother who was dealing with the normal anxieties of balancing family and work, I came upon an article in a magazine about the emotional benefits of keeping a written journal. I buried myself in the author’s tips and benefits of how writing could sooth the soul. This inspired me to buy a spiral notebook in which to begin my writing journey. The words flowed from my heart and I found that my journal quickly became my best friend and confidant. It never talked back, nor judged me for what I had to say. Within a few weeks, I discovered that I was once again that happy and fun person that I once was.

That was nearly than twenty years ago, but it truly helped boost my self confidence. Although I enjoy writing fiction, at my age it is easier writing about real-life experience more, namely in the areas of parenting and technology.

Today, the spiral notebook is gone, replaced by my new best friend-my laptop computer. Today I blog. Writing in my online journal allows others, whom I invite, to read and share my thoughts. My blogging buddies are some of my closest friends. I respect their opinions whether I agree or not, because one is free to speak their own mind.

If you find yourself lost and in need of a friend, get out that spiral notebook and pen, or get online and start your own blog. Open doors to new friends and a chance to share experiences, opinions and knowledge.

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