Confession of a pack rat: Can less possibly be more?

Joseph Espiritu

I am a self-proclaimed pack-rat, and hate myself for being one. It’s sad for me to realize that I go out of my way every day to give myself more work like lugging around a heavy pack. However, the stress I put myself through to make sure I have all the extra things that I foolishly believe are needed has finally prompted me to catalog the things I carry.

I figured it would be best to start out small, and then work my way up to the ranks of luggage organizing. I will then be able to see if there is indeed a method to my over-packing and over-accessorizing madness. I thus began the trek of de-accessorizing with my daily gear.
My daily gear, as I like to call it, consists of my cell phone, car keys, a point-and-shoot camera, a ball-point pen, glasses, and a watch. As you can see I tend to double up on things.

For instance, my cell phone already has both a built-in camera and a clock. Another example is that I already wear contact lenses. With just those two items alone, I have already cut my list in half. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong!

For some reason, I just cannot stop carrying all these things around with me. I feel uneasy without knowing that I don’t have a backup should my phone battery go dead, or should my contact lenses begin to dry out, etc. I guess I like the secure feeling I get from having a “Plan B” so much that I’m willing to pay a price for it.

Who knows — all this accessorizing might just come in handy one day. Until then, I’ll still be both dreadful and thankful for making myself a human Swiss-Army knife.

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