Comedy show at Saddleback

Shane Weld

Saturday night’s comedy show entitled: “The Great Comedians—Those Felt Hat Big Cigar Funny Men” hosted by Brad Zinn drew a big crowd.

Within seconds of my car being parked and locked, a Saddleback faculty member in a golf cart offered me a ride up to the theatre. The theatre may not have been far from the parking lot, but I had to commend the great service that Saddleback College presented before me.

After deciding to walk, I arrived in the theatre and plopped down into my seat like an anchor falling into the ocean. As I was sitting down I noticed the gifted artwork of Brenda Zinn, Brad Zinn’s wife.

Soon the artwork was done and 8 p.m. came around the corner. The lights were dimmed and the show began promptly on time. A voice came on the loud speaker introducing Zinn. Brad not only wrote and directed the show, but was the person behind everything, including the producing.

Zinn has over 30 years of experience of being a professional entertainer, and it showed as he performed impressions of old comedians such as Jonny Carson, Will Rogers and other great comedians.

One of the impressions he did of Johnny Carson was a joke where he asked the audience to “describe Kermits wedding night”. The answer he gave in response to his own question was, “piggly wiggly”.  While doing this impression he wore a giant red, genie type hat with a feather in it.

Another impression he did was of Will Rogers, who was born in the late 1800’s. His impression of Rogers consisted of Zinn wearing chaps, and a cowboy hat, while twirling ropes and telling old jokes from things Roger had read in the news back in the early 1900’s.

The audience seemed to love the impressions, clapping and applauding with laughter throughout the 90-minute show. “The humor was clean, which was refreshing compared to what you hear from most comedians nowadays”, said Leisha Clark, 20, Sign Language major.

Soon the show was over and after the audience finished applauding, Zinn took the time to meet with me and sign autographs for the audience members. Zinn was very friendly and treated everyone with the utmost respect. Overall, the show was very entertaining and a pleasurable experience.

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