Clubs stuff their faces with pizza


Team Astroglide had prepared a strategy to win the inaugural pizza-eating contest.

“I think we’re going to do great, we’re starving,” the team yelled.

“We’re pissed off hungry.”

Their hunger helped them win the event that was hosted by Saddleback’s Associated Student Government last Thursday.

Filled with enthusiastic students, the cafeteria welcomed eight teams of three who were all vying to win the first place trophy and $50 Jamba Juice gift card.

“It was disgusting,” said ASG member Sara Hariri, 18, biomedical engineering. “It was nice watching the people, but I didn’t enjoy judging.”

The jamming of pizza slices down contestant’s throats commenced with the start of a five-minute countdown. The teams worked diligently to finesse each slice into their mouth.

Some people held an intense glare at the table to concentrate on their task while others stood on chairs and surveyed the room as they casually ate each piece of pizza.

Each person had their own strategy for eating the most. The members representing the Appreciation of Filipino Arts and Culture club sandwiched two slices together and ate it, while a team Astroglide member favored soaking his slices in water before letting them slide down. This strategy helps to soften the food, making it easier to consume more.

The last 30- seconds became chaotic when the buzz in the room got louder and onlookers chanted, “eat, eat, eat.”

Finally, after five minutes of passionate eating, ASG members counted up the pizza tallies as everyone waited. Nausea swept over the faces of some teams and triumph over others.

After third and second place were announced, an unsurprised Astroglide was awarded first place.

Astroglide was the frontrunner after winning the hot dog eating contest last semester, making it no shock to attendees to see them win and expressed their emotion by chanting, “Back to back. Back to back.”

“We expected to win coming in and that’s exactly what we did,” said team member Mike Furrh, 23, television/film.

In response to whether or not he felt nauseated by the amount of pizza he consumed, Furrh said, “No. I’m going to have a cigarette.”

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