Cinco De Mayo Transfer Student Celebration.

College flags have been collected and on display in the Transfer Center.

Elizabeth Ortiz


With Cinco De Mayo on the rise, it’s time to honor and solute transferring students with a themed celebration Thursday, May 2 in the Student Service Building, Room 212.

This Transfer Celebration will acknowledge the achievement of transferring students.

“The students have worked so hard for countless years and we want them to feel appreciated and accomplished with this fun event we have planned,” Barbara Benavides, the senior transfer center specialist said

Students will be able to sit and enjoy Cinco De Mayo themed food while interacting with students who are headed to the same four year college.

The Transfer Center staff want to make it a fun afternoon, congratulating transferring students on their accomplishments, while introducing them to others who will be making the same journey. 

“It’s really casual and fun.  You can bring family and friends and students don’t need to feel obligated to stay the whole time,” Rosann Rios, Transfer Center office assistant said.

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