Chorale lends voices to church

Chad Richards

Filling the air with their striking voices, the Saddleback Chorale put on a beautiful and very well done performance at the Newport Beach Lutheran Church.

More than 200 people arrived for the “Music of Faith and Hope Program” April 6 to watch both the Women’s Camerata and College Choir perform astounding pieces from Nicola Porpora to the very notable Frank Shubert.

Taking the stage first to great applause was the Women’s Camerata. Scott Farthing, conductor and vocal instructor, introduced the women and thanked the church and congregation for sharing the venue and music with them.

The theme of the program was “Contrast” and was incorporated throughout the show as each song varied from the one that came before. The duality of both choirs and the diversity of age within the choirs also came into play with this thematic element.

The first piece was “In Exitu Israel” and was a slower song accompanied by piano. It was executed marvelously by the singers and ended very tranquilly, filling the room with silence.

The next piece was an arrangement of “Psalm 23,” performed in German. It was a more powerful song than the first because the tempo was a little faster and the singers put a lot of energy behind the vocals. The emotion was felt throughout the crowd as the piano came to slow halt.

After the Women’s Camerata finished, the College Choir entered the stage and sang six parts of “Mass in G.”

“The choir voted on the soloists,” Farthing said. “I was too scared to choose them myself because there are too many good ones.”

The choir knows each other best, and the audience enjoyed every soloist. The first part of “Mass in G,” titled “Kyrie” was led by soloist Amy Goldenberg, 19, soprano and she nailed it with her sweet soft sound and amazing stage presence. Through their harmony, a feeling of serenity filled the room.

As they ended the whole choir burst into the next song, “Blessed is He that Cometh in the Name of the Lord.”

Led by Rhea D’Aliesio Cambell, soprano, Mark Stanton, tenor, and Ben Rosano, baritone, the last part of Mass In G titled “Agnus DeI,” had a great rhythm that ended with the last line translated from Latin meaning “Grant us Peace.”

Peace is exactly what the choirs brought the crowd. Peace of mind and beauty through their music which created an atmosphere of serenity as the audience left the church Sunday afternoon.

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