Chili Cook Off 2012

Shivan Cespedes

It’s time for Chili Cook Off 2012 sponsored by Richard White and the ceramics crew on Wednesday, November 7, 4 to 8 p.m. in the Fine Arts Quad.  $30 per person (or $15 for vets and students) will get you a hand made bowl, a sample of each team’s original recipe chili and salad, bread and beer, wine, soda or water.  There will also be a silent auction, with various prizes (could be a massage, or a photo shoot, anything!) and also a ceramic sale and games, like ring toss and pin the unabrow on Frida Kahlo.  Please come and vote for your favorite chili! 

Half of all proceeds go to the Veteran’s Memorial which Richard White and Fred Olsen designed but still need our money to pay for this awesome gift in the main quad area.  It is the first veterans’ memorial on a college campus in the United States.  This memorial has received the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal Award.  Great chili and a great cause.  Let’s join Richard White to make this the best Chili Cook Off yet! 

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