Cheap foods feed obesity rates

Jennifer Fink

Over half of all Americans are overweight, and a quarter obese. Yet we are one of the most weight obsessed societies in the world. We are addicted to dieting and “watching our weight”. Well, it’s not going anywhere, at least not right now.

The government has not been helpful in anyway, with millions of dollars of subsidies going to companies who make the kinds of foods that americans should avoid.


It is also appauling that the cheapest food also hapens to be the around the most unhealthy. You try to roll through a drivethrough for fresh organic fruits and vegetables for 99 cents. Or replacing Taco Tuesday with Mango Monday or Salad Sunday. It’s just not in the majority of americans budgets.


There are more Non-fat and Low-fat foods in markets today than ever before,  and still americans are becoming fatter and fatter. People are not realizing that having Low and Non fat foods doesn’t really do anything, in fact, most companies just add more sugar to reduced fat foods in order to replace the taste. This results in higher calories in reduced fat foods most of the time. You tell me what’s wrong with that.


If you’re thinking of turning to sugar-free foods instead, then you may also be down the road to weight gain. Studies have shown that people who drank diet colas with artificial sweeteners were more likely to eat twice as much food in one sitting than that a person drinking sugar sweetened cola. 


But this doesn’t give you lisence to go and indulge in transfatty ftied heaven either. Saturated and trans fats can raise cholesterol and put your heart at risk. Not to mention make you feel sick and disgusting afterwards.


If that isn’t bad enough in itself, people are more likely to indulge more in a food item just because they think something along the lines of “Oh I can have one more cause it’s reduced fat”. When in reality they probably would have stopped at one regular oreo instead of three reduced fat ones.


But how can we get americans out of the “fat is bad” stigma? It’s not the fat that will make you gain that extra notch on your pant belt, it’s the calories. For example, what would you gain more weight from? 3000 calories in protein or 3000 calories in fat? Trick question, you’ll gain the same.


How can Americans spend billions of dollars a year on diet products and services and still be one of the fattest countries in the world? 


We need to take the time to pack our own lunches and actually know what al the ingredients are, without having to guess what Xanthim or Polydextride are. The human body was not built as a chemical processing plant, yet that is exactly what we treat ourselves like.

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