Ceramic students present new artwork in gallery!

Latest artwork from the Ceramic Department. (Anibal Santos)

Anibal Santos


Ceramic students will hold a special “Two-Day Ceramic Exhibition,” in the Saddleback Gallery starting today from 11 am to 4 pm and end Thursday at noon.


The exhibition will feature the artwork from students in Hand Building 2 and 3.


“The assignment was to do 50 pieces which are almost all the same or all the same and have the total of the fifty mean more than one. It was basically to work on a grid based thing where the pieces weren’t really supposed to be touching,” said Ceramic Instructor, Richard White. 


“Some are very minimal, political while some are interactive on the floor and some aren’t, but they are all ceramic,” he said.


Critique starts at 11 am today in the Saddleback Gallery in the Fine Arts Department. 







(Anibal Santos)

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