Causing hope

Steven Jung

During Club Rush this past Wednesday there was a few vendors sitting around trying to sell some items like beanies or sunglasses for what is known as Cause Hope.

A vendor was representing the International Sanctuary was selling jewelry according to Karen Green. This organization has taken a stance against human trafficking. “Each jewelry [piece] made is giving them an identity and an opportunity to become self-sufficient,” Green said. Green got involved around a year ago thorugh a friend of hers.

The organization has a headquarters in Irvine as well as an online store that helps raise money for this organization. “We do a lot of different events at universities, at churches, at shops and bazaars,” Green explained. Green also stated that their vendor is about educating the public about human trafficking.

International Sanctuary was not the only vendor that was also set up at Club Rush. Jenna Streak was there selling beanies representing Krochet Kids. Streak’s organization is a non-profit organization that works with woman in Uganda and Peru. “They crocheted all of our products. A cool feature about our hat is that they signed the tag on the inside of each product that they made, so you can see which lady made the hat,” Streak said.

There is an online section where buyers can look up profiles about the makers and see what the makers are interested in. All the profits go back toward the women that make the beanies for their wages and have been educating them.

Streak’s organization is only helping women in South American countries start up small businesses. The organization has a headquarters in Costa Mesa. “We do different event shows around the country; mostly in California,” Streak said.

Streak has been with the organization for around five months. She has never been to Uganda or Peru but has met some of the women making the beanies that were sold at her table. Organizations such as these can help people in other countries either start businesses or give them something to shoot for such as maybe inspiring them to study fashion.

The ASG of Saddleback also had their Christmas tree out in the quad for Club Rush and it even looked empty meaning students are helping less fortunate kids have a good Christmas.

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