Cafeteria food and its unforgiving reputation

A simple way to buy food while getting through the day. (Alyssa Hunter)

Nicole Bullard

Cafeteria food has always been a never ending debate. From health controversy to debated edibleness there will always be complaints against the cafeteria food.

Although cafeteria food doesn’t sound appealing it would be a good idea to at least go see what there is to offer.

No one expects much when they walk into a cafeteria. While it was easy to notice the stands of chips, cookies, and sweets standing out in the center of the room and the walls lined with fridges of energy drinks, there isn’t anything fresh or healthy looking in sight.

Behind the assembly of junk food, there is a place to get hot food. Above the counter was a menu of sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and lunch combos. It costs roughly $6 for the food combo. This includes an entree, a side and a drink costs extra.

Cafeteria food has an unoriginal taste, because it is desperately trying to be like the food you buy outside of cafeterias. Unfortunately, there is something about cafeterias that makes everything taste bland.

Why would people want to eat cafeteria food if it’s so horrible? The answer is it’s not horrible it just has a unforgiving reputation and a tendency to taste unoriginal.

It will never be gourmet or restaurant worthy, but it is faster and affordable especially when dealing with a hectic school schedule.

If affordable food is what people want then the cafeteria food is alright. Unless you’re looking for a great culinary experience with a nice ambiance then the cafeteria is not a place for you.

Accessibility is one of the main points of a cafeteria. If the food isn’t delicious then the other advantage of eating it is because it will always be there for a fast meal.

People buy cafeteria food because it is there. Accessibility will always be important for busy college students.

It is hard to find good and affordable food, because sometimes these qualities don’t go together even though they should. Comparing cafeteria food to off-campus food is unfair.

Restaurants have a better reputation than a cafeteria would ever have.

Although cafeteria foods mediocre taste should not be justified this is a reminder that cafeteria food will always be cafeteria food. A simple way to buy food while getting through the day.

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