Burger King offers free Whopper to Facebook users at unusual cost

Loose a few friends… gain a free burger (Wesley Aker)

Courtney Zupanski

What would you do for a Whopper? Burger King is creating a buzz throughout Facebook using the Whopper Sacrifice application. The application requires users to delete ten Facebook friends, and in return for their disloyalty, they will receive a free whopper to fill the empty void left by a smaller friends list.

The new application not only deletes your friends, it also ensures that your friends are aware of the fact that your loyalty stands with a juicy patty sandwiched between two pieces of bread over them.

Under normal circumstances, Facebook allows users to de-friend people discretely; the policy is polite enough not to notify a person if dropped from another user’s friends list. Burger King wants to announce that you ditched your friends on Facebook for, as facebook user Simon Patry said, “a flame broiled piece of heaven”. A revolt was expected.

It was only a matter of time before someone or something took a stand against the social network site. Who knew it would involve a burger?

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