Bullet to the Head: A Bust

Official Release Poster (Believed to belong to Warner Bros.)

Eric Gorman

If you’re a fan of breasts, bombs and badmouthed badas*es, then “Bullet to the Head” may be for you… But it’s not for everyone.

In this cinematic letdown, Jimmy Bobo (Sylvester Stallone) and Taylor Kwon (Sung Kang: “Fast Five,” “Ninja Assassin”) team up to fight an enemy that’s bent on their destruction.

Bobo is an assassin that digs slick cars and smooth whiskey. Forced by circumstance, he teams up with Detective Kwon for vengeance, following the death of their respective partners. Kwon’s cliche, by-the-book approach clashes with Bobo’s trigger-happy lifestyle, resulting in a terrible two-some of sub-par dialog and teamwork.

The mix of slight racism and bad one liners lead you to suspect the script and it’s writer Alessandro Camon. His writing aside, Camon’s resume speaks for itself. He produced “Thank You for Smoking,” “American Psycho,” and fifteen other films since 1996.

Since Camon’s no slouch, who’s to blame? I mean, they had ‘Conan the Barbarian,’ Jason Momoa (the movie’s MVP), play Keegan, a mercenary madman with some brutal scenes. So, why isn’t this star-studded man-action a smash hit?
The pace of the film was inconsistent and required powerful music to maintain energy. Stallone’s body is too old to hit the deck without a stunt double (plus he’s never really had a way with words), and Christian Slater’s character is just a weasel.
Without the direction of Walter Hill, this movie may not have had any redeeming qualities. Hill has been in the business since 1972, and helped create some classics such as “Last Man Standing,” “The Warriors,” and “Aliens.”
Overall I’d give it a 4/10, so unless your a moviegoer that’s only interested in violence, blood and busts, I would wait for this instant bummer to hit your Netflix on a cold night at home.

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