Bubbly bop darkens to a dreary clamor

Katie Mastro

The beginning of the Mozart song twirled and spiraled like a butterfly flapping its wings, basking in the bright sunshine. The Irvine Valley College faculty artist piano recital took place in the Student Services Lobby on Oct. 20 at 8 p.m.

The pianist, Sergey Martinchuk, performed pieces from three composers: Wolfgang A. Mozart, Serge Rachmaninoff, and Franz Liszt.

Mozart was a favorite for many audience members. The Mozart piece often sounded reminiscent of a Jane Austin novel, and few would be surprised to see several bouncing couples romp to it. The last part began hesitantly like a jittery first date, but later grew blissful as if the couple were frolicking in a far off field.

“I get credit for Beginning Piano and Voice [class]; it is a requirement for both,” said Jeanne Poucher, 26, psychology. “I enjoyed Mozart. I am definitely interested in playing Mozart later.”

The second composer, Rachmaninoff was intensely more dramatic. The piece started with two high blasts that were followed by a collapse of a million tiny notes.

The piano sung out deep and low tunes. The song sounded fitting for a tragic romance or horror film. The loud booms spontaneously pounded on the piano could be the sound of a heavy downpour outside.

Even though this was a spectacular performance, some guests did not attend the performance with high expectations.

“I am not really interested in the piano,” said Jieun Moon, 21, nursing. “I am here because my friend gets extra credit for a class he is taking, Music 20, but I don’t get any extra credit because I am not in that class.”

Seats were stacked right on top of each other, and a few guests felt uncomfortable. Some put bags on neighboring seats as if they were saving them, but no one ever came to claim them.Luckily, this will be the last performance in such close quarters.

“This is the last performance and we forgot to bring the champagne,” said senior lab technician Mark Petersen, chuckling. “It’s the last at SSC because now we have a Performing Arts Center.”

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