Broadway’s Back

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in American Broadway, “The Phantom of the Opera” comes to the Orange County Performing Arts Center to continue as the longest running show in Broadway history.

Jason Mills comes directly from the Broadway cast to continue his role as the Phantom and is accompanied by Sara Jean Ford who makes her “Phantom” debut as Christine Daae. Christine’s love interest Raul is played by Greg Mills. The performers were recruited based on their vocal range, which makes for more believable acting.

“Phantom” does a “phantastic” job at bringing the scenes alive on stage. Imaginitive sets bring a huge sense of creativity to the table. The boat scene is a great example of the creative process as the boat becomes reversed and transformed into a bed.

The modern day Paris Opera House returns to the 19th century opera stage. The thrilling chills of the song “Overture,” and the lifting of the lit chandelier places the start of the mysterious Phantom growing in his infamy.

Christine begins the show as a chorus girl who has taken opera lessons from a mysterious tutor. Her best friend Meg, played by Polly Baird, then nominates her to take center stage when the leading prima donna opera singer quits during one of the Opera house’s shows.

The Phantom becomes interested in Christine and attempts to make her his bride. Christine’s love, Raul, rescues her from the maniacal Phantom and succeeds in winning her love.

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