Breast cancer awareness

It’s nice to know that in this day and age women get two month dedicated to them. The first, which began on March 1, is Women’s History Month, and the second, starting in October, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I know October is still a while away, but for me, I don’t think we should have just one month out of 12 dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

Being the granddaughter of two breast cancer survivors and the niece to one, I have learned so much about this disease and just how many people, not just women, are affected by it.

These days, it has become not just a disease, but now it seems to be given a face. There are a number of different types of merchandise one can purchase to help support research.

Next time you find yourself walking in the local drug store, take a quick look and around to see what you could buy to help donate. Cameras, sun screen, chapstick, you name it, you can probably get some with the little pink ribbon on it.

Even the NFL is getting behind the support. Take a look at the green Bay Packers, all their towels are embroidered with that little pink ribbon that everyone knows.

I show my support with something a little more personal. I went out and got a permanent reminder, a breast cancer ribbon with the word fight underneath, tattooed on my left shoulder. This was my way of saying that all women should stand up and fight, not just sit back and take it.

Women aren’t the only ones affected, if someone in your family is diagnosed, everyone feels it. It’s a serious disease that can be treated and taken care of if you keep yourself healthy and know they signs.

So go out and show your support to fight this. You don’t have to go out and get inked like I did, but spend that extra 50 cents and but the products with the ribbon.

If even 100 people choose to buy the camera with the pink ribbon instead of the regular disposable one, that’s 100 people that just contributed to breast cancer research. Who knows, maybe with that support, we could be even closer to a cure.

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