Breaking news: Fire seen from campus

Red fire and smoke seen in the hills behind Saddleback College (Oliver Yu)

Alica Danesh

A fire that broke out late Monday in the hills behind the Saddleback College campus is now reported to be 75 percent contained.    

Orange County Fire Authority spokesman Greg McKeown reported that 100 acres  burned by sundown Monday.        

“Firefighters and aircraft are working together to contain the fire,” McKeown said.        

Fire authorities reported that the fire was started by a piece of heavy construction equipment that knocked over an electric pole. About 200 firefighters worked during the night to control the blaze, which did not threaten structures. Ortega Highway near the incident also remained open, according to reports.      

After seeing the large cloud of smoke Monday, students expressed their views.        

“I stopped and looked and just thought, this is typical Cali,” said Amanda Hatchett, 20, business management.    

Students and instructors expressed different opinions on the fire.        

“It’d be nice if classes got canceled, but I highly doubt that will happen,” said Kathleen Leahy, 19, psychology.        

No classes were canceled.  Campus police said they were not concerned with the fire affecting the campus.     

“I hope classes stay in session,” said Mike Hagan, world religions instructor. 

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