‘Bone Woman’ to visit college

Katie Mastro

Clea Koff, author of “The Bone Woman: Among the Dead in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Croatia”, will be at Saddleback College on Nov. 14 at 2 p.m. in Student Services Center 212. The event is organized by Liberal Arts & Learning resources, Cross-Cultural Studies and Associated Student Government.

The renowned anthropologist was originally scheduled to give her speech on Oct. 24, however, the event was postponed as Saddleback was forced to close due to poor air quality resulting from the Santiago Canyon fires.

In her book, Koff describes the horrific working conditions of her job, the bureaucracy of the United Nations and the heartbreak of survivors.

Koff, very familiar to many thanks to her appearances on radio and television news programs, was a United Nations War Crimes Tribunal scientist and founder of the Missing Persons Identification Center, which helps families locate missing persons.

The Anthropologist Club is very excited for this amazing opportunity to listen to an active advocate.

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