Bo Bice brings country to Coach House

Bice gives his all on stage, saying that he feels his fans are entitled to get the best experience at his concerts. (Courtesy of Amanda Severs)

Kimiya Enshaian

Season four contestant of “American Idol,” Bo Bice continues to sing and perform music for his fans while also trying to remain grounded and true to himself.

With a musical talent that Bice says he’s had all his life, he believes that there was not a time when he was not singing.

“I started with singing from a really young age,” Bice said. “My first bit of exposure was at 9 years old.”

Though Bice gained the majority of his fame on “American Idol,” bringing a flavor of Southern rock to the season, Bice had a career in music prior to the show.

“I was involved in music before the show, had my band and played throughout England,” he said.

His decision to join the show was pushed onto him by his mother. According to Bice, trying out for “American Idol,” where he finished in second place to Carrie Underwood, was not a dream of his.

“We had a unique cast with a lot of great folks,” he said. “We all had a chance to really shine in our own genres so it was easy to stick to what I sang best.”

He thanks the people behind the scenes of “American Idol” as well, saying they were the catalyst that kept him going throughout the season.

Five years later, as he tours the country to perform his songs, his inspiration has now become the fans of his music.

“I love what I do for a living. I’m passionate about my music and now I’m passionate about my fans,” Bice said. “I want to do the best for the fans because they’ve paid their hard earned money to watch us perform.”

A change in musical style may be hard to do for most musicians because of a fear of losing a fan base.

Bice believes his style has been leaning more toward country music lately, as opposed to the rocker image he had sported on “American Idol.”

“While some fans will stick with me, others will not care to stick around but as long as my fans know that I’m not changing, they will continue to appreciate my music,” he said.

On April 17, Bice was in the city of San Juan Capistrano performing at the Coach House.

“I love San Juan Capistrano, I’ve been there couple of times and I think the Coach House is a great venue,” Bice said.

Describing San Juan Capistrano, Bice said “I just think that it’s a beautiful town and beautiful part of our country.”

To get updates about Bice, hear his songs, or look for concerts, visit his website at

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