BlackBoard gets a facelift

John Wilson

Does BlackBoard seem a little different lately? If you’ve found yourself asking this question, have no fear– you’re not alone.

Over the course of Saddleback’s winter break period, BlackBoard Learn underwent a slight overhaul to improve appearance and functionality. According to Blackboard’s online tutorial, most changes will not affect students, because the update (edition 9.1) was mainly focused on enhancing the faculty usage interface.

BlackBoard Learn revised its web system to allow for easier page editing by teachers, while also giving students a pretty new page theme to further add to homework distraction.

Teachers can now add a custom theme to a particular course, giving the site a more personal feel. In addition, students can now add hand-selected module apps to their personal toolbar. These modules include everything from a simple calculator to an app which integrates BlackBoard Learn to sites like

When asked as to why this update was so necessary, Computer Lab Technician, said “With any software there’s going to be bugs and problems. I think they just wanted to update the site to make it cleaner.”

As mentioned in the BlackBoard edition 9.1 tutorial, “the product has a different look but functions the same.”

Still curious? Click here to watch BlackBoard Learn’s official tutorial for the latest 9.1 update.

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