Berlin-inspired food truck serves the exotic

The truck’s vibrant paint job was inspired by the Berlin Wall (Riley Tanner)

Riley Tanner

Marco Madariaga had never eaten alligator. But when a friend pointed out to the 20-year-old Chicano studies major that one could obtain the predator in hot dog form at the local food truck, he was intrigued.

“I was walking out of class when my friend ran into me and she told me that she’d just tried some alligator and it was really good,” Marariaga said around a mouthful of the reptilian sausage. “It’s something I’ve never tasted before, but definitely worth the $8.50 I paid for it.”

“Yeah, the exotic animals are really popular,” said Joe Sue, 33, owner and manager. “We’ve been selling them left and right.”

By exotic, Sue means that his menu at Brats Berlin boasts not only the traditional bratwurst. They have Polish kielbasa, spicy Cajun, chicken-apple, sweet Hawaiian, and veggie of typical dispensaries, but also foreign elements like smoked alligator, elk with cheddar and jalapeño, rattlesnake, and rabbit with jalapeño and onion.

A purchase comes with two optional toppings of sauerkraut, grilled onions, or yellow and red peppers.

The owners came upon the idea for Brats Berlin while on a trip to Germany. The truck itself is covered with brightly colored graffiti art to “bring in the Berlin Wall-type theme,” Sue said.

Sue is a part owner in a league of food trucks including two other vehicles, Calbi Fusion Tacos, featuring a Korean barbecue spin, and Crepes Bonapart.

All of Sue’s trucks work on a rotational schedule with other food truck owners.  He said the Brats Berlin truck comes about once a month.

The Crepes Bonapart truck in particular has become very popular.

This truck was invited to participate in “The Great Food Truck Race”, a televised competition between food trucks to both reach desired locations and sell their products in hopes of obtaining a $50,000 prize.

Student Development has encouraged food truck visits in order to bring new genres of cuisine to the campus menu offered at Saddleback.

“It’s an effort to bring different styles of food to the campus,” said Audra DiPadura, Director of Student Affairs.

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